Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hate Connects Us

I hate limits,
I hate boundaries,
I hate restrictions,
I hate conditions,
And, I believe,
Not just believe,
But see it repeatedly,
That this hate is universal,
It connects me to all those,
Who rebel against control,
By breaking lines,
By pouring colores,
By tearing up rhymes,
By subduing meaning,
By challenging sense,
By facing their fears,
By expressing their feelings,
Without accepting peer-pressures,
By being true to their selves,
By embracing fantasy,
By listening to their dreams,
By letting their imaginations,
Create alternate worlds
worlds, where they could breathe,
And mold, the way they want to mold,
Values that they value most
Hate connects me to all
Even to those who unconsciously
Accepted the peer-pressures
And see the world with borrowed eyes,
Kill their feelings everyday
And think of themselves as good humans
Just to keep happy those,
Who take pride of encouraging others
To sacrifice themselves for them
I know, they have the desire
To be themselves
And those unexpressed desires
Connect me to them

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Let's beat the drum!...!...!...!

Yeah, Let's beat the drum...In month of Ramadan, some people beat the drums going street to street to wake up the people in predawn time...I was always fascinated by their jobs; they wake up people from sleep in a time when they are in deep sleep... Socrates were thinking that most of us are in deep sleep like that of predawn time, so he was going from street to street in ancient Athens and cross-questioning people to show them that their lives are un-examined...When we do not analyse our beliefs and world views then it is like living in sleeping mode...The stronger the certainty in unexamined worldviews, the deeper is the sleep.......

As there is no Socrates to stop us on the streets to cross-question our worldviews, keeping diary is way to open yourself for your examination (it is famously known as self-accountability) here I have started beating the drums...let's see how much I am going to be committed to my diary :)